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Down on the shore at long point.jpg
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Northern Swell LB.jpg
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Cliffs and Sea at Point Vicente
Morning Sea, Slide Cove
Chandler Sunset
Approaching Fog Sacred Cove
Lunada Bay
Morning at Chandlers
Plaza Fountain Sketch
Wind and Sea
Lone Eucalyptus
Morning At Bluff Cove
Scent of Pine
Spring Morning at Chandler Ravine
Abalone Cove
A Spring Afternoon on the Western Shore
Twin Pines
A Quiet Morning Along the Cliffs
The Shore Below
Owl Moon
Moon Shadow
Moonlight on Bara’s Hill
A Dark Night
Along the Western Shore
Half Dome
Late Afternoon Yosemite Falls
River Below - Grand Canyon
El Trevor - Grand Canyon
Furrowed Ground, Cushing Maine
River Beyond the Trees, Cushing Maine
Cushing Landscape - Maine
American Icon - Maine
Twilight Transition Death Valley
Pt. Lobos, Morning Light
The Beach at China Cove
Living Water
Morning Meditation – Lake Maime
Gem Lake-Sketch
Mountain Air
The Rugged Shoreline at Box Lake
Across the Field to Mt. Tom
Spring Afternoon On Lake Maime
High Country
Last Snow of Winter - Crystal Crag
Crystal Crag
Box Stall
East of Chandlers
Horse Property
Low Tide
Lucky’s Trail
Plowed Ground
Pool Club
Rocky Point
The Lighthouse
Trail to Chandler Hill
Plaza Arch
The Dead Tree - Palos Verdes
Gem Lake Sketch - Sierra Nevada
River Cut
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