lone eucalyptus.jpg

Palos Verdes Peninsula

A few years ago I wanted to take a break from oil painting for awhile so I decided to explore watercolors. It is a very challenging medium and my approach is somewhat unorthodox as I will get rather opaque with the pigment. It is a lot faster and I found that it was very nice for on-location work since it dries immediately. Also the materials used were a lot more compact and therefore more convenient. I have gone back to painting in oils again for studio and location work however, it is a nice break occasionally to work on location with watercolor or in black and white using pencils. I find that I can explore a subject in different ways when I use different mediums.

Lone Eucalyptus, Watercolor on paper, 12" x 18"

Morning At Bluff Cove, Watercolor on paper, 12" x 18"

A December Sea.jpg

A December Sea, Watercolor on paper, 10.75" x 15.25"

abalone cove.jpg

Abalone Cove, Watercolor on paper, 7.5" x 9.5"

scent of pine.jpg

Scent of Pine, Watercolor on paper, 8" x 11"

slide cove.jpg

Slide Cove, Watercolor on paper, 8" x 18"

spring morning at Chandler ravine.jpg

Spring Morning at Chandler Ravine, Watercolor on paper, 12" x 18"

A Spring Afternoon on the Western Shore, Watercolor on paper, 8" x 11"

Twin Pines, Watercolor on paper, 6" x 9.5"