above the cove on a spring day.jpg

eastern Sierra Nevada

Some places and moments inspire a spirit of contemplation. An invitation to go deeper. To not merely observe but to absorb. To lose your sense of self-awareness and be filled with the presence of the place. It is as if your physical being evaporates and all that is left is what is good, beautiful, and true.


Morning Meditation – Lake Maime, Watercolor on paper,  26" x 40"

Gem Lake-Sketch, Oil on canvas, 10" x 10"

Gem Lake is one of the upper lakes you reach hiking out of the Rock Creek campground. There is a patch of snow that stays on the slope above the lake almost all year along and is reflected off the brilliant blue water. We have visited this lake several times over years and once in the middle of August, my daughter and I hiked up here and found it was enshrouded in a white out caused by a freak snow storm.

A New Season.jpg

Mountain Air, Watercolor on paper, 12" x 18"

It's that time of year when everything begins to change. In the mountains high above Bishop, the air is changing fast. The temperature drops dramatically and clouds are moving in. Soon the memory of summer days fishing along the lake shore and creek will give way to the snows of winter. The bait shop and restaurant at Cardinal Village are closing for the season and preparations are being made to move down the mountain.

above the cove on a spring day.jpg

The Rugged Shoreline at Box Lake, Watercolor on paper, 12" x 18"

The glass-like quality of the water juxtaposed to the rugged shoreline creates a fascinating contrast of color and mood. A reminder that while this area is very beautiful this terrain is also unforgiving.

Afternoon Fog Lunada Bay.jpg

Across the Field to Mt. Tom, Watercolor on paper, 12" x 18"

It was a very good winter and the snows were heavy. The pastures of the highlands are in full bloom with spring flowers and the air is fresh and still.

Along the Western Shore-1.jpg

Spring Afternoon On Lake Maime, Watercolor on paper, 20" x 27"

In the shadows the temperature is still cold and patches of snow still remain. A soft breeze moves on the water momentarily breaking up the reflection of Red Mountain.

The Rock Ledge at Box Lake-sketch, Watercolor on paper, 12" x 18"

When you hike along Rock Creek heading up the mountain to the upper lakes you come to a rock ledge of glistening white boulders and turquoise blue water.
On a hot summer day the sight of it is so refreshing that you just want to pause here for awhile and take it all in before continuing your journey up the mountain.